Investing in healthcare companies is a heartfelt endeavor. For many shareholders, it goes beyond generating returns on investments. They believe that as a community, it is our duty to support enterprises that will decide how we live and how long we live. Even from an ethical perspective, we need to identify and reward companies (through stock price appreciation) that adopt clinical, financial, and managerial strategies that represent optimal pathways for future success.

The current institutional research framework lacks the mechanism for creating such an environment. Sell-side research plays a role but is hindered by a business mandate that rewards analysts for securing investment banking deals from companies they cover and encourages their role as management friendly facilitators of interactions between large investors and companies. Moreover, the added allure of an exit opportunity in form of a high level business development or investor relations role at firms they most promote, closes the deal for analysts to cheerlead their coverage. Not surprising, most research from the sell-side is less than objective or credible.

Clearly, there is an unmet need for non-partial analyses that is discerning in its assessment of companies and values them appropriately. We believe that we with our substantial experience as sell-side research analysts but without the conflict of interest associated with institutional research are uniquely talented to fill that gap. With no one to tell us “no need to dig, just paraphrase from the 10K and corporate presentation” or “just get the initiation out so we can get the company sold already” imagine what we could do.

We founded the company with the intention of providing investors with objective research that espouses the highest level of technical rigor and intellectual honesty. We believe it’s our duty to log the extra research miles to provide our clients a comprehensive outlook on companies. We are and will remain independent of the influence of management teams and other conflict of interest bearing entities.

We have a cumulative 9 years of sell-side research experience but come without the conflict of interests linked to institutional research.

We research companies purely from an investor's point of view. We are completely independent and are driven solely by the information we unearth.